Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Events

Welcome Room Parents! Thank you for taking on the responsibility of Room Parent in your child's classroom.  You are an essential ingredient to our success!  You add the extra flavor for each teacher to make sure your child's class has an amazing year.

There are a few important events and long-standing traditions coming up at CCE in October.  The 1st one is our Literary Pumpkin display.  Every year each classroom chooses a book and decorates a pumpkin(or pumpkins) to go with the chosen book.  Here are a few examples and also a link to more:

Talk to your child's teacher to come up with a plan.  Pumpkins should be ready for display on Monday, October 22nd. 

The Fall Carnival will be on October 25th this year.  You should have signed up for a booth or food station by now.  Start getting volunteers to cover shifts now.  Contact for this is Julie Shafer and Heather VanDerSnik.